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Outlaw Working Dog Club is a USCA & DVG Club.


All OWDC members must be members of either USCA or DVG.

Outlaw Working Dog Club (OWDC) is an all breed training club committed to train dogs in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO. Dog breeds of all types are accepted and encouraged to participate in our club's activities. All dog's are evaluated to determine if drive and temperament are suitable for bite work before allowed to participate. 



We believe that there is no single “correct” method of training. We use a wide range of training methods geared towards best suiting the individual dog and handler. Under the guidance of our Training Director, all club members are encouraged to participate. Constructive input from team members is welcomed and encouraged, with the understanding that techniques will vary depending on what best suits each individual Dog/Handler team.


Our club has members of all skill levels from novice to national competitors. Our club will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct. We welcome newcomers to the sport, and encourage educating members to further their dog’s potential, with the goal of Schutzhund/IPO.


The grounds at Outlaw Working Dog Club include a covered shelter area, fire pit, and a beautiful level grass training field with stadium lighting and obedience equipment readily available.

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